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HAVIDOL helps sufferers see that no matter how much they have, more is always possible.

Patients have reported feeling:

  • renewed interest in themselves
  • increased ability to spend
  • higher risk tolerance
  • better quality consumer decisions
  • improved social attention-getting skills
  • return to former self esteem levels
  • supplementary stamina levels
  • augmented vision
  • a surge in well-being


Problems can be avoided if you take HAVIDOL only when you are able to immediately benefit from its effects. To fully benefit from HAVIDOL patients are encouraged to engage in activities requiring exceptional mental, motor, and consumptive coordination. HAVIDOL is not for you if you have abruptly stopped using alcohol or sedatives. Havidol should be taken indefinitely. Side effects may include mood changes, muscle strain, extraordinary thinking, dermal gloss, impulsivity induced consumption, excessive salivation, hair growth, markedly delayed sexual climax, inter-species communication, taste perversion, terminal smile, and oral inflammation. Very rarely users may experience a need to change physicians.